Buy & Sell – Conditions

Note : Ads must be kept short, clear, NO CAPITALS, phone number & location please.
All vehicles for sale must have the cash price and the registration number of the vehicle included.
If the vehicle has no registration then a vehicle chassis number and engine number will suffice.
Engines to be sold must also have engine number quoted.

Ads will appear in club newsletter & here for 2 months only.

Cost of submission:
There is no fee at this stage, but if you are submitting an EJ or EH vehicle for sale, then we would appreciate vehicle details for our EJ-EH register. Please go to the EJ-EH register first to complete the details. Thank-you

EJ-EH Items for Sale – Updated 26/6/14

• EH 1964 Special 1964, Rego HXH071. Original and complete (98%) running well and driving. Garaged for last 10 years (no RW or reg) good condition throughout, 149 6 cyl engine, 3 speed manual gearbox and standard diff in excellent condition. $14 500 ONO. Contact Patrick at Kilmore 0411 262 598.

• EH Sedan. Body style EH225A. Fowlers Ivory colour. Not registered, engine number 186P227942, 5 speed Supra gearbox, disc brakes, chromies wheels, Pioneer stereo, lowered suspension, auxiliary gauges, motor is supercharged. Some body rust, car is complete. $6750. Call AH 7pm—9PM 9817 3622. Damian Member 1074.

• Holden Carbi & Manifold & exhaust headers x 2. $500.00 Contact Russell Member #149—0439 371 577

• 173 Complete with 3 speed fully synchro E/No CD59304 Good compression $300.00 ONO. Member #239 Contact Trevor 0421 364 718.

• Newly Cut EJ/EH Panelvan & ute rear cargo board. 12mm marine ply (CNC cut from an original board, all holes in correct position. Contact John McBride member no 327, Contact no 0418 444 327

• 161 Motor complete contact JD 0411 569 320
• 6 cylinder red motor extractors contact JD 0411 569 320 Stock Kin Pin Front End contact JD 0411 569 320

• Rear handbrake cables suit EH diff with Commodore rear disc brakes. Alex (64) 0408 12 1964

• Rear Venetians EJ/EH Ute. EJ Sedan. EJ/EH Wagon – Sides, Rear. Reproduction copy guaranteed as good as original units. Can be ordered in black. Front sun visors Mesh or Solid “New” Side mount only with no holes to be drilled in roof. Side weather shields with top tinted available in Red, Blue or Green. Genuine GM key blanks from USA. Same as our GM keys used on 1948 (FX) to 1971 (HG) Holden. (179) Lorie 0419 179064.

• DVDs by Mick – 2013 EH Holden All State Run 2 x DVD set NOW AVAILABLE at $30, 2007 EH All State Run 2DVD set $30, 1995-2005 EH ASR DVD $30 each, 1999-2006 EHCCV Show n Shine DVDs $30 each, 2007 Show n Shine/30th Anniversary special DVD set $30, and 2008 Show n Shine/Drive in night special $30 2009 All State now available – Michael O’Neill (572) 03 54835001

• Brand new heater valves to suit EJ / EH Premier and Special 2 speed fan warmaride heaters. Suitable for V8 and V6 engine conversions, designed for 15 PSI cooling systems (original only 7 PSI). Will fit valves to heater if required. Cost for new tap $220. John 0418 444 327

• Also EJ/EH heater core changeover to suit 2sp fan warmaride heater (prem & special). Any and all repairs, Full reco parts for EJ/EH warmaride heaters. Call John 0418 444 327

EJ-EH Wanted to Buy

• EH to HK Gear boxes for reco. Note: these boxes are built for club members, so any help in obtaining useable parts is a great help to fellow members and myself. Don’t throw out any broken ones.- Russell (149) 0439371577

• EH Prem door trims front only. Contact Greg 0429 429 417

• EJ-EJ Panelvan Tailgates. Contact Greg 0429 429 417

• EH-EJ Cargo Board Strips. Contact Greg 0429 429 417

• EH-EJ Panel van side panel (where the side windows are cut in) supports from the inside of the rear body. Contact John 0418 444 327

• Rotisserie for ute contact member no 1356, Martin 0412396801.

• 5 Standard EH wheels contact Graham member no 9 on 0417369466.