The Easter break was a sensational event, with everyone having a fantastic time. This is a report on what happened from my view.

A couple of us left from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on the Thursday at 6:30am. We collected a couple more along the way, and continued in fine tune to Ballarat for breakfast. There we met two more members on their way to the All State. We travelled along until Ararat, where we somehow missed the main road to S.A. and were heading no-where. A slight detour headed us back on track. Funny thing was none of us seen the big sign- huh! We picked up another cruiser near the border, and got to Weintel Hotel, Tanunda, Barossa Valley at about 9:00pm. There were a few nice driving bends near the end in the dark, with big trees at the side of the road. We weren’t out to set any land speed records, and no one was stressed so it was a good trip. We met up with others who had done a faster dash than us, and some guys from other states.

On Good Friday we all did our own thing in the morning. I had a game of golf at Gawler with a couple of the other boys. Didn’t do very well though. The afternoon was spent by most cleaning and polishing their cars as more people arrived. One of the cars had suffered a broken windscreen, and had to have an emergency second hand one fitted. At about 3:00 pm another Victorian contingent arrived. One of the cars had been running out of brakes, and blowing smoke. We all registered ourselves, and went back to cleaning. That evening was spent as a social get together BBQ so that old acquaintances could catch up, and new ones could form.

On Saturday the whole lot of us left as a group for a cruise to the National Motor Museum for our show ‘n’ shine. There were nearly sixty cars there, and they all looked great in the fantastic sunshine we were having. We were able to go into the museum, and there were more cars there to look at than you had time for. Every kind of car was there. There were many motorcycles also. I will post the results of the show ‘n’ shine at a later date. That evening we went to the Barossa Motor Lodge, which was a five minute walk from the Headquarters Hotel, and had an evening of little foodstuffs and drinks and watching old All State videos. Afterwards many found themselves back at the Weintel telling all sorts of old stories and having many drinks.

On Easter Sunday we left at 10:00am to cruise to Gawler for driving events. Despite the rain, it was a very fun event. Maybe the rain was what made it all the more fun. We had spear a spud, motorkana, go-whoa and someone had their own special game of let’s blow a diff. A catered lunch was supplied. A diff was changed on site in a chook shed that afternoon, and we headed off at 4:00pm back to our accommodation. At 7:00 we had the presentation night, where all were present, and the trophies and awards were handed out. Raffles were drawn, and a lot of people came out with goodies. Some people said their goodbyes, as they were leaving early in the morning.

The Monday morning was a time where people were packing and leaving, and some had already left very early. Some others were staying back for a little while to have a bit of a holiday. I will post some other peoples comments later on.

The 2001 All State will be held in Tasmania!

Have a look through the photo gallery to see what goes on at the All State


We had a great break in The Barossa Valley with the All State Run. It was good to see all there. Mick W unfortunately couldn’t get his radical ute ready and brought his nice restored Mitta green sedan only. Jeff T had his Eura gold EJ Premier there looking fantastic. It was good to see Mick O and his car that has been going good for him for so long.Alex had not only the old Prem wagon, but a whole pit crew also. His car was in fine form, especially at the driving events. Trevor’s restored Valley Mist green Premier wagon did really well, and Colleen did enjoy the squirt in Rod’s ute. Jeremy’s Valley Mist green wagon looked as good as ever. He was good for a game of golf on Friday morning. Jay’s car was a highlight of the weekend, and it did get a bit of a hiding in the driving events, even if the spud spearer just can’t cut it. It was great to see Luke with his recently resprayed “Strike me pink” EH sedan. You couldn’t have seen a funnier sight than Rod’s V8 EH ute going sideways with Colleen Sedgman at the wheel and Rod with white knuckles in the passenger seat. Lorie brought along his immaculate grey Special sedan. It was great to see Kevin and Faye Hender there. Kevin’s car is a Chev 283 V8 Sage metallic green sedan, and it has to be one of the best kept vehicles I have seen. The car was built quite a few years ago, and it keeps it up there with the rest. Hell’s creme sedan had a few changes since we all saw it last with some billet wheels added. Malcolm’s car had some wicked 16″ ROH mags and lowered to the ground, with the biggest thumping stereo system I have seen in an EH yet. Barry had his Roebuck pearl Premier wagon there, and it was looking in top condition. Dennis’ ute was looking as good as ever, with people wanting to take it home. J.D. had his Fowlers ivory Premier sedan there, and I think little James really enjoyed it all. Keith had his Fowlers Ivory wagon, and people really took notice of all the things that have been done to it. Debbie really enjoyed all the cars, and riding in them. Geoff and the family came in his work car that is used every day, and still in good nick. Darren has only recently finished his Fowlers ivory Premier sedan, and it was very well appreciated at the show ‘n’ shine. Keno not only had bugs on the inside of his back screen, from having a broken front one, but he slightly hand grenaded a diff at the driving events also. Johnny brought along his blue Special that was in impeccably original condition. It was great to see an old original untouched car like this. John’s Porsche pink pearl ute really got into all of the driving events, with John doing very well in them. Bruceand family came along in his Fowlers Ivory sedan. I think the kids really enjoyed the spa! Joe brought along his Valley mist green Premier sedan in very original condition.

A big thank you is extended to the S.A club for the weekend that was put on. There were some discussions about parts of the weekend that possibly did not run as smooth as they could, but we made do with what was available, and enjoyed the social and vehicular aspect of it.

The trophy winners were

Grand champion

Top sedan

2nd top sedan

3rd top sedan

Top wagon

2nd top wagon

3rd top wagon

Top ute

2nd top ute

Top panelvan

Top original

Top restored

Top modified

Top interior

Top 6 engine bay

Top 8 engine bay

Holden trophy

Peoples choice

Hard luck

Fastest rocker cover

Spear a spud

Ladies Spear a spud

Precision driving

Ladies precision driving

Go to Whoa

Ladies Go to Whoa

Jason Gledhill (Vic)

Peter Smol (Vic)

Jason O’Leary (Sth NSW)

Warren Prasser (Sth NSW)

Alex Garrard (Vic)

Keith Klemow (Vic)

Trevor Sedgman (Vic)

Dennis Vizzutti (Vic)

Rod Scott (Vic)

Frank Polhus (ACT)

Harvey Miles (ACT)

Trevor Sedgman (Vic)

Peter Smol (Vic)

Ray & Jenene Drew (SA)

Jason O’Leary (Sth NSW)

Warren Prasser (Sth NSW)

Darren Thomas (Vic)

Ray & Jenene Drew (SA)

Colin Smith (NSW)

Clem O’Leary (Sth NSW)

John McBride (Vic)

Kath Bubner (SA)

John McBride (Vic)

Kath Bubner (SA)

Howard Carter (NSW)

Jennene O’Leary (Sth NSW)

I tell you what, there can be some classic moments and sayings come out in the open. Here are a few people’s thoughts on the All State Run 1999.

“Motoring events in the wet were good. I enjoyed breakfasts and the meals at the motel”

“We both enjoyed the whole weekend, especially the friendly company” Faye

“Great weekend all in all. Motor events were great, and a good day for show ‘n’ shine. Great little town”

“Great weekend away for entire family. Kids enjoyed mum planting the foot in Rod Scott’s ute at the driving events” Trev

“10am starts must stay for Tassie”

” Great event. Vehicles to be scrutineered for driving events” Alex

“It is like a Mecca for EH’s. I found it to be a good fun social time, and a great place to relax. I also enjoyed all the cars- stock, modified, EH’s and EJ’s ” Hell

“The whole weekend was a lot of fun, and a really mellow time because of where it was held… Also one of the best All States I have attended due to the very social atmosphere… EJ’s and EH’s were all in top form and looked great.” Fleur

“Who were those people making so much noise in the middle of Saturday night?”

“How many drinks does it take to put a good man down?”