The final word 


Dear Fellow Members,What a Fantastic event The All State Run was over Easter. Congratulations to the Organisers. Thanks to  all the people that helped and contributed throughout the weekend. Some of those acknowledged in Jason’s report, and others working, in and behind the scenes,….as with any huge event it is difficult to name everyone,  You know who you are……Thank YOU. More than 500 hours of work & planning went into this event with the intention of putting on a great show, this was achieved. With our Clubs Membership participation of about just above 40% I thought I would give the balance of the membership a panoramic view of the weekend through my eyes. Unfortunately I arrived at the event 24 hours late, a bit of car trouble.

Good Friday Night at the Winery, a scenic location with excitement, anticipation and the odd hint of romance in the air for some. The weather was brisk by about 7pm a “high ceiling” i.e. no cloud, so we moved inside, wined & dined in intimate surroundings. A night to catch up people and renew friendships.

A beautiful sunrise commenced Saturday with the serious guys cleaning cars from 4.30 am. Show & Shine was spectacular, fantastic location, entertainment, a very appreciative general public, passing through looking at the splendid sights on offer. The day went by so quickly I was that overawed, I nearly forgot to vote. It was a case of being able to keep looking at the cars, talking to people, enjoying the moment, is does not get much better than that. On completion of the day, travel 5 minutes back to The All Seasons Motel, more talk, a few refreshments, get out the encyclopedia’s and start brushing up for the Trivia Night. Perfect venue, great meal, the kids were entertained in a separate area with games DVD’s, great supervision from all who helped…You know who you are… Thank YouThe Quiz Master was entertaining and many people told me that they had never been to a better trivia night. I was getting excited, it was a great day, the kids became tired so it was suggested that I fulfill my duty as a parent and retire the children for the night, myself included. I have been known to enjoy myself, but I thought that the driving events the next day at Heathcote Park required certain skills.I fell asleep thinking of reaction time, restraint, care.. zzzzzzzzzzzz

The next beautiful morning we headed of to the Bendigo Racecourse for breakfast. For the children an early morning Easter Egg Hunt, all the children had a lot of fun. Toast Juice Bacon & Eggs Coffee all fuelled up lets get over to Heathcote Park Raceway for the driving events. A pleasant cruise down the McIvor highway with the adrenalin rising.In the pits, entrants changing tyres, disconnecting exhaust systems, final tuning tweaks, all this to gain that little bit extra edge. Spear a Spud, Slalom, Drag racing and finally the burnouts.All these skills to test the driver, and from what I saw a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.Some excellent displays of car control were forthcoming. A few mishaps, repairs to cars, help given to members, and generosity shown by  many members to help some unfortunates make it back to Bendigo. A quick shower and of to the Presentation Night, an absolute Gala. Large screen vision from the Show & Shine Presentations, Live Band, another excellent meal,…..  the night had everything. There were a wide range of winners on the night, with a good spread of trophies spread amongst participants.

Congratulations to all winners and entrants, it was truly great to be there on the night. Well, where do we go from here, this event is getting bigger every time. There are already people out there thinking, planning, talking about the next All State Run…… awesome. If you have not been to this event before you don’t know what you’re missing. Start saving for the next event $20 per week x 100 = $2000 that would pay Fuel, Accommodation, and a couple of chardonnays for the Missus. And Joe I suggest you don’t change your Head Gasket 2 nights before the All State starts, that cutting it a bit fine. See you soon   JK


The End Report by JayFellow EHthusiasts,

 another EH-EJ Olympics has come and gone, and what a weekend it was.  Almost two years in the planning for 3-1/2 days of enjoyment. A monumental achievement for a monumental event. Rather than focus on the few minor negatives over the weekend, I think we should all concentrate on the significant amount of time that things ran smoothly.  From the debut of the amazing EH Limousine, constructed by three of our guys over a 20 month period leading up to this event, to the awesome burnout by Simon in his Mint Green Sedan, a member of our club that is only just becoming known among our ranks.  Well done guys. 

The Show and Shine was a major milestone.  140 vehicles and 300 Entrants being coordinated onto the Tom Flood Arena without congestion or mayhem was a major task.  Thanks to Jeff , Steve , Trevor , Barry , George , Rob and Jeremy for assisting in the setup of the venue and the coordination of the vehicles.  Truly a job well done.  When the Victorian club was awarded the event almost two years ago, I was keen to get involved on the organizing committee, concentrating essentially on the Show and Shine and Presentation Dinner.  I had a vision two years ago of presenting all previous Grand Champion Vehicles at the one place and at the one time to celebrate 25 years of this event.  Unfortunately we missed out on 2 past champions that have either left the club scene or sold their vehicles, but we managed to get the remaining 7 Grand Champions together in a “Hall of Fame” to celebrate their contributions to the event.  And what a remarkable sight it was.  Even the real early champions such as Alex’s Wagon (Griffith 1981 and 1983) and Kevin’s V8 Sedan (Dubbo 1989) are in absolutely pristine condition even today.  To top off the event, all of these Grand Champions, plus Dick O’Keefe’s S4 EH, trailered up fromPhillip Island especially for our final dinner, were present in the Conference room where the Presentation Dinner was held.  When was the last time you had a beautiful dinner in the company of 9 glorious EH Holden’s?  I doubt it will ever happen again.  Congratulations to you all.

On a personal note, I am living proof that you can live on 4-5 hours sleep per night for many months on end.  Such is the importance and pulling power of this event, getting a vehicle completed in time for this 3-1/2 day congregation always forms a major part of our lives every 2 years.  For me it was the wife’s Injected 5 litre sedan this time around.  It was ‘unveiled’  in “Rat Rod” form complete with rust, crappy paint and dodgy panel work but nevertheless, it was driven up there under its own power and it seemed to create a fair bit of interest over the weekend even though it was only “finished” the day we left for Bendigo. All in all, a monumental weekend, forever to be remembered for the glorious weather and the arrival of the EH Limousine.  Thanks to you all for making this, the 13th EH All State Run, such a wonderful occasion. Keep in touch, Jay

EH All State 2005 Trophy Winners

TROPHYGrand Champion

Top Overall
GMH Car of the Show
Top Modified Sedan
R/up Top Modified Sedan
Top Original Sedan
R/up Top Original Sedan
Top Modified Wagon
R/up Top Modified Wagon
Top Original Wagon
R/up Top Original Wagon
Top Modified Utility
R/up Top Modified Utility

Top Original Utility
R/up Top Original Utility
Top Modified Panelvan
R/up Top Modified Panelvan
Top Original Panelvan
Top Paint & Panel Custom
Top Paint & Panel Original
Top Engine Bay 6cyl
Top Engine Bay 8cyl
Top Undercarriage
Top Engineered
Top Interior Custom
Top Interior Stock
Encouragement Award
Longest Distance Travelled
Hard Luck Award
Rocker Cover Racer
Is That Thing Registered?
Observation Run
Male Spear a Spud
Female Spear a Spud
Male Slalom
Female Slalom
Male 1/4 Mile
Female 1/4 Mile


Luke Johnson
Sharon Gledhill
Luke Johnson
Richard Kimber
Harvey Miles
Robert Hurrell
Alex Garrard
Jeremy Cutajar
Trevor Sedgman
Jack Doyle
Paul McLean
Michelle Vizzutti
Clem O’Leary
Rob Stone
John Desisto
Shane Keene
Jonathan Dewar
John Desisto
Barry O’Shannassy
Jason O’Leary
John Desisto
Jason Gledhill
Luke Johnson
Shane Keene
Harvey Miles
Andrew Gardiner
John Nolan
Michael Papworth
Clem O’Leary
John Kempton
Clem O’Leary
Lync Luby
Sue Johnson
Peter Drew
Jenine O’Leary
Keith Clemow
Simon North

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