Meetings are held at 8 pm on the last Monday of each month (except December) at the South Camberwell Tennis Clubrooms. They are located at 332 Burke Rd Glen Iris (South Camberwell). 

Everyone and anyone is welcome. There are no requirements to have a ‘show’ car, a ‘special’ model, or even a finished car. Even if you haven’t bought one yet and need info and are interested, you may find it to be a very beneficial way to get info and other peoples opinions. We are all different, and for that reason, there is no reason that you should feel you wont fit in or be ‘accepted’. EJ-EH’s are a pretty relaxed type of car to own, and for that reason you will find most owners are relaxed also.

The meetings will generally start with a bit of official business. Minutes of the previous meeting, secretary’s and treasurer’s reports. Then we go onto items of discussion within the club, such as reports on the previous run, deciding new and upcoming runs etc… At quite a few of the meetings we will have a guest speaker, who can inform us of any products or information that would be of interest. Then it’s on to general business, and open questions among everyone. From there we go to buy and sell.

After the meeting is officially over, everyone may have tea, coffee or soft drink, which are made available, and talk among themselves. This is a good time to pick somebody’s brain in relation to technical help or parts availability. It is the perfect time just to walk up to someone and start talking. From there some members will go to a local pizzeria for coffee or supper.


These dates are advised on the condition that they will only go ahead if they can be held in compliance with the Victorian State Governments’ Covid 19 Rules in force at the time.

Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   25th Jan 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   22th Feb 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   29th March 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   26th April 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   24th May 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   28th June 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   26th July 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   30th August 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   27th September 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   25th October 2021
Meeting: Monday 8.00pm   29th November 2021
No meeting in December