Fitting a replacement dogleg section EJ-EH

The dogleg panel just behind the rear doors on a sedan or wagon are notorious for rust. It sometimes is hidden by the stainless steel gravel guards. The principle again is similar to many of the other replacement sections. Once it is established that a replacement is required, place the panel over the dogleg and see how much you get and how much is required. Mark it, and cut it less than you marked to allow for trimming. There is a lot of lead placed in the join down the bottom, and you will see that the replacement dogleg has a recess like the original panel to allow for this lead if you wish to do it this way again.

dogsect01   dogsect03

Once the panel is cut off, again like earlier, treatment of the rusted areas is important to prevent re-occurrence of rust in the near future.

dogsect02   dogsect04

Trim the panels so that the replacement fits perfectly edge to edge, and have the rear door fitted so that it will fit the gap also. trial fitting and making sure everything is cut correctly makes the job look a lot neater. You may have to work the replacement panel to fit perfectly, but the result will be worth it. All traces of lead from the bottom need to be removed or the weld will not be very neat as it will splatter everywhere and not stick properly.

dogsect06   dogsect05

The finished job should have lines that curve neatly, and the welds nice and neat without lumps if possible. This is especially important down the bottom where it is very hard to grind in the corner.