EJ and EH Holden production build information database 

The EH Holden Car Club of Vic has started a database of EJ and EH vehicle details. This database will require a substantial number of vehicle details to make it effective. This is an ambitious project, and it will be of benefit to all EJ-EH owners.

It will enable to work out approximately the build date of your vehicle, and bring to light some trim and paint code and combinations. Please submit all details and we will hopefully be able to answer any questions for you. It will not hold any personal information, nor will the database be released to anyone.his info will go a long way towards helping others and yourself to find out more about EJ’s and EH’s.

If you are selling an EJ or EH on the EHCCV website, we request this info as a reciprocal gesture. If you have extra vehicles, body shells, service books etc. do not hesitate to include these details, as partial info helps also. Thank you for your time. Where will you find this info? 

Examples?. This is what the main Body ID tag looks like.


Chassis No. – (example) ‘EH12345M’
NOT the little tag below the BODY ID tag. It is found stamped in the engine bay skirt on the drivers side, or in original service book.

Original Registration No. – if known. Could be in original service book or on some old receipts

First Date of Reg. – from registration label, or original vehicle service book.

Original Engine No. – (Example) ‘H123456′
On engine block, rego label or service book or on some old receipts Also Required are all details exactly as listed on the BODY IDENTIFICATION plate, example shown above. The small plate with a number on it below the main BODY ID plate is a stock number. The following are the details required. Cut and paste the following section into an email to us and fill in the details you may have.
CHASSIS : (this is the most important number)