EJ History

I shall start here with the car that actually paved the way for the EH, and really did help it become the success that it was and is. Holden owners should have viewed the arrival of Ford’s Falcon with a little less scorn, for without it they would have waited much longer for a vehicle that would create such intense public interest. The EJ Holden was released in July 31st 1962 and in it’s own right, sold nearly as many cars per day as the EH. The EJ was compact, yet had space for six adults, and luggage. It looked good, handled exceptionally well compared to previous models, except the brakes were overlooked in the revamping of mechanical items.

It was a car that introduced us to a new Holden. The “Premier” model which had a leather interior and metallic paint available. Other features included a Hydramatic auto transmission, a handbrake warning light, hood ornament and twin horns. The EJ retained the 138ci “Grey” motor, and the suspension set up from previous models. The panelvan and utility were released in January 1963, and their rear tail lights, which were based on the sedan, were carried through to the next model to save tooling costs. The EJ was a lower, sleeker and faster Holden than those previous, and it was good (love that panoramic rear screen). Cost of the EJ was $2102 for a Standard sedan, and a total of 154,811 units were built and sold up until August 1963

Here is some original brochure reading material, and pictures for you to look at. They show you the original style of advertising that captured the successful number of sales that Holden endured in the mid-sixties. I must thank Byron for all of his hard work in supplying all of the information and pics in this format.