What are some other problems when rebuilding?

When People tell you how difficult or tedious it can be to fully rebuild a car, what comes to your mind? Most people think of how much it will cost, or how long it will take, look, will they be able to do certain things, legally or physically. Well there is one area that I certainly overlooked, and it is not a problem that all rebuilders will have to worry about, but a lot of us rebuilders will have to take notice.

Now in this big city of ours (which is too big) we have a lot of beaurocracy, and I am not just talking about getting your car registered. We have a lot of laws, rules and by-laws. These are designed to keep everyone happy. BE AWARE. I have now discovered a new hardship in rebuilding a car, and that is your neighbour. I made the mistake of upsetting a few of them, and for this the work on my car must STOP! It was not the council that enforced this. If complaints are made, and you are warned by the council, although it can be done civilly by your neighbours, and you do not desist your activities of eg. Hammering excessively, grinding excessively, ANY spray painting (even undercoat), excessive dust. These items come under the Health Act 1958 Section 42. Under this act if people in your area say that your activities interfere with their health or even their relaxation, then the big heavies (EPA) can easily fine you up to $10,000 for a first time offence which would go a hell of a long way on your car.

Any how now that I can’t do much on my car here, I have now gotten hold of a workshop where there are no noise limits, and there are EPA approved spraying facilities. The worst bit has been having to officially apologise to the council and ask the officer to pass on my apology to the residents concerned.

Just bear in mind that we do live close to each other and to keep up with your neighbours and find out if you are annoying them. Such is life…