The All State Run is a National event which draws the finest EH Holden’s from across Australia – attracting about 150 standard and modified EH’s to Penrith in 2007.

These cars come together every second Easter long weekend to participate in a number of events across the weekend from a Show and Shine, Driving Events and a Presentation Dinner.

If you have an EH or EJ and would like to be a part of this fantastic event you firstly need to be a member of an EH or EJ Car Club.

We were given the opportunity in 2007 to host the event and we are very proud of the results.  We could not have held an event of this calibre without the assistance of sponsors.

Our Major Sponsors

Our other Sponsors

  • Southern EH Car Club
  • EH Car Club of VIC
  • EH Car Club of QLD
  • EH Car Club of WA
  • Kembla Grange Truck Centre
  • Trevor Sedgman Auto Services
  • Fitzgerald Enterprises
  • Jolt Engineering
  • Castle Mania
  • Paul’s Signs
  • Clark Engineering P/L
  • EH Limo Group
  • Ian Johnson Towing
  • Diesel Magazine
  • Joe and Jenny Galati
  • Paramead Auto
  • Rotary Tools (Aust) P/L
  • American Auto Parts
  • Steve Altham
  • Cavalier Catering
  • Arnall Trophies
  • Steve Goode Sound

We could not have held this event or carried it off with any success without their valuable help.  There were so many who helped out over the weekend – you all know who you are and on behalf of the ASR and EHCCNSW we sincerely thank you.

What a weekend!  It is almost a bit of a blur to the organising committee who, after a couple of weeks are just about over the sleep deprivation and cannot believe it is all over.

Registrations started from midday on Thursday, with most people arriving on Thursday for the informal sausage sizzle, chin wag and a drink or two…… Nepean Shores offered a great venue for this, with areas for the kids to play and the adults to mingle.

Friday was an early morning start with a big cooked breakfast before heading off on the poker run and the Drags for Freaky Friday.  We had 60 cars participate in the poker run and the weather only just held good for the cards traveling along the bends of Old Bathurst Road and Hawkesbury Road.

About 8 cars participated in drag racing at Western Sydney, with Anna Fitzgerald obtaining the best reaction time for her first time dragging.  Well done Anna.  Again, the weather held off for most of the day, with it starting to rain heavy just as the EH’s were leaving.

Dinner on Friday night was at the Museum of Fire, which became our central location for the rest of the weekend.  Although it rained on an off during the evening, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the 280 people under the FBT (fairly big tent!!) Old holden movies were projected onto the side of the tent, kids played between the tables and many just caught up since the last time they crossed paths.  Most took the opportunity to have a relatively early night knowing that the next two days would be long ones.

A beautiful clear morning and sunrise kicked Saturday off to a good start – again starting at the Museum of Fire with a pre-packed breakfast and last minute cleaning of the pride and joy before spectators and our peers scrutinised the ins and outs of the cars.  146 cars were on display in order of colour, body style and whether they were original or modified.  With a few new cars to the ASR scene, it made for a tougher decision when judging.  The rocker cover races were held after lunch, with some hard work and thought going into the ‘racer’s’.  Anyone wanting tips on how to build a winning rocker cover racer – speak to the Dewar family who took out first and second place!!!

The show and shine finished around 3.30pm, allowing everyone to freshen up and frock up ready for the Drive-ins.  Unfortunately, we needed to make a call at around 5pm to have dinner at the marquee rather than at the Drive-ins due to the weather.  This still allowed people to go to the drive-in should the weather have stayed OK but offered an alternative for those who didn’t want to take the risk or preferred to stay back at the marquee.  About 100 people went along to the movies, and thankfully for them it only sprinkled on an off a couple of times.

Sunday was driving event day with the eager ones heading straight to the skid pan to get as many turns as possible at perfecting their chosen events.  With garaging, slalom, go–to-whoa and the good old spear-a-spud, there was plenty of opportunity to show their EH driving skills off.  There was some great technique shown out on the track, including some funny moments such as someone losing the contents from the back of the wagon at the top of the slalom course and someone going backwards instead of forwards on the go-to-whoa course.  Thanks Mark for this entertainment!!  All good ASR moments.  The driving events concluded around 3pm with the skid pan being flooded and some big time fun beginning.  A few people stayed for this with most heading back to their accommodation to get ready for the presentation dinner.


Presentation dinner was at Evan Theatre, a part of Panthers.  It was time to wind down after a long three days with a lovely three course dinner and a well deserved drink whilst waiting in anticipation to see who had won a precious ASR trophy.  The auctioning of special numbered plates proved to be a lot of fun and a huge success, with some plates earning $250+.


Vince did a fantastic job in running the formal events which were broken up over the course of the evening.  Who was the Grand Champion???  Jason O’Leary’s beaut red sedan.  Pictures and the full listing of trophy winners are towards the back of the newsletter.  With the formal part of the evening over, the music started.  We were blessed with John Desisto singing for us and then he sang a duet with Michelle Kelly.  Overall it was a great night.

Breakfast in the morning was a difficult thing to get up to do after such a late night.  We cooked up some tomatoes and snags, plus put out all the leftovers for people to take with them to snack on during the long drive home.

By 12.30pm on Monday the marquee had been disassembled, everything cleaned up and the Museum of Fire looked like we were never there and that the All State Run was really all a vivid dream.

We had so many thank you’s and compliments over the weekend and can only hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend. Of course, for an event this big there were a few minor hiccups but thankfully nothing that we couldn’t fix.

Overall, we had 280 people and 146 cars entered.  There were only a few breakdowns, one engine bay caught fire and a couple ‘breaking’ their cars out on the skid pan.  We only hope that everyone made it back home safely with great memories of ASR 2007.