Report on – All State 2001 at Richmond, Tasmania.

The Easter break was a sensational event, with everyone having a fantastic time. This is a report on what happened from my view.

The main component of the EHCCV contingent met Wednesday 11th April at 3.30 at Station Pier St Kilda. We milled around for a while, and then the line up and wait for the boat boarding. Fleur and I flew over, so the GMEH was left in the capable hands of Trev, and we left for Tullamarine Airport. What happened on the boat will have to be another story from someone else.

We stayed the night in Devonport after a 1 hr flight in a Dash 8 prop plane. Louder than an EH van with a noisy diff and no radio. The next morning we saw the ship in (after a good level nights sleep) at about 8am. The EJ’s and EH’s then poured off the ship. We congregated in a vacant block until all were ready, and then we headed off to Richmond being guided by a friendly Tassie rep.

The headquarters was at Richmond Cabin & Tourist Park. We all checked in, collected our goodies bags, and most went off to where they were staying. We stayed in Mornington at the Cosy Cabins. Alex and I went to the delegates meeting which was not very long, and was really only a prequel to the second meeting. After this we went and met everyone at the Richmond Arms for dinner, and it was there that the run really started to warm up.

Friday morning we got up not so early, so we actually missed out on the breakfasts. In fact most people who know Fleur and I, would know that we are not early starters, so we cruised straight to Port Arthur with some other members. We spent the day there touring the ruins, and going on a bit of a boat ride. It was a very thought provoking place. We had a nice meal there, and then went in groups on the ghost tours. Now they were different. It’s not every day you get to stand inside a 150+ year old ruin of a convict prison in the dark of night. Long drive home in the dark.

Saturday we drove to Hobart, and we had a good spread out on the Regatta Showgrounds at the Cenotaph. The cars all looked fantastic, and the quality was right up there. In hindsight I could have put a bit more effort into showing my car, but at least I polished the wheels. Weather was good. The EHCCV hired a mini bus for the day, and we used it to shuttle people from the clubs to the Salamanca market. This was about 3k’s, so everyone was most appreciative We finished up there at about 3pm, and everyone headed back to get ready for the Saturday night dinner dance. This was at Granton, and again the EHCCV used the shuttle bus to move members in two groups. Top night.

Sunday was the day a lot of people looked forward to (easter eggs found on cars at Cosy Cabins). The driving events are certainly a good entertainer for the drivers and the onlookers. There was some good driving out there, and even though there was a lot of burnouts, no-one broke anything! JMB blew a tyre, but it was a tip tyre, especially for burnouts. The Rokeby Police Academy skid pan was used, and if you have ever seen it, it has a very harsh surface. The second delegates meeting was held. We made very good progress.

The presentation dinner was held on Sunday night. This is where all of the trophies were handed out, and the raffle was drawn. It was announced that the 2001 All State will be held in Wollongong NSW! Hosted by the Southern NSW EH Club. We wish them all the best, and I know the Tassie Club do too.

Monday morning we all prepared ourselves to leave and separate in our own ways or groups. We toured until Saturday the next week, and kept seeing other members of other clubs at various points along the way. Gotta love Tassie. Great place to visit, but I am just too used to Melbourne (mainland) to live there.


The trophy winners were

Grand champion – Jason Gledhill (Vic) Turquoise special sedan ‘JAYs64’

Top sedan – Brent Dalton (Vic) Brown pearl Prem ‘HMMM64″

Top wagon – Trevor Sedgman (Vic) Valley mist green Premier

Top commercial – Jonathan Dewar (Vic) Grey ‘Rotools’ panelvan

Top original – Harvey Miles (ACT) White EJ special sedan

Top restored – Jonathan Dewar (Vic) Grey ‘Rotools’ panelvan

Top modified/ engineered – Steve Mowat (ACT) Red EJ sedan

Top original interior – Steve Barsdell (Sth NSW) Valley mist green Prem Wag

Top modified interior – Jason O’Leary (Sth NSW) Red special sedan

Top 6 engine bay – Jason O’Leary (Sth NSW) Red special sedan

Top 8 engine bay – Rod Scott (Vic) dark blue V8 ute ‘MEAN64″

Top Standard paint – Trevor Sedgman (Vic) Valley mist green Premier

Top custom paint – Tom Velic (Tas) Candy apple pearl sedan

Top undercarriage – Jonathan Dewar (Vic) Grey ‘Rotools’ panelvan

Holden trophy – Jonathan Dewar (Vic) Grey ‘Rotools’ panelvan

Shannon’s choice under 30 – Brent Dalton (Vic) Brown pearl Prem ‘HMMM64″

Peoples choice – John Doyle (ACT) Green ute

Hard luck – Paul Beckett (NSW) Grey station wagon

Longest distance – Neil Butler (WA) Electric blue wagon

Driving events trophies

Apple spear men 1st – Keith Clemow (Vic)
Apple spear men 2nd – Peter Smol (Vic)
Apple spear women 1st – Mandy carter (NSW)
Apple spear women 2nd – Kim Caine (NSW)
Slalom men 1st – Bryce Caine (NSW)
Slalom men 2nd – Darell Head (NSW Owners)
Slalom women 1st – Mandy Thomas (Vic)
Slalom women 2nd – Joanne Dewar (Vic)
Precision drive men 1st – Tom Velic (Tas)
Precision drive men 2nd – Dennis Vizutti (Vic)
Precision drive women 1st – Fleur Smol (Vic)
Precision drive women 2nd – Leanne Head (NSW Owners)

Here are a few people’s thoughts on the All State Run 2001.

George – “My first All State Run. Had a great time. Congratulations to all trophy winners. Can’t wait till the next one”

Bruce – “I will be at the next one”

Jay- “Under the circumstances the event was excellent”

Michael – “Had a great time at my first All State, and I loved being on T.V”

John – “Many breakfasts, no down time to relax/ wash cars, and I still don’t know who were the people organising the event”

Phil – “Brenden’s first burnout. Excellent”

Mick – “Great weather and enjoyable time with a great group of people”

Have a look through the photo gallery to see what goes on at the All State