EH All State 2003 Trophy Winners


Overall Champion
Grand Champion

GMH Car of the Show
Peoples Choice
Top Modified
R/up Top Modified
Top Original
R/up Top Original
Top Modified Sedan
R/up Top Modified Sedan
Top Original Sedan
R/up Top Original Sedan
Top Modified Wagon
R/up Top Modified Wagon
Top Original Wagon
R/up Top Original Wagon
Top Utility
R/up Top Utility
Top Panelvan
R/up Top Panelvan
Top Interior
R/up Top Interior
Top Panel & Paint
R/up Top Panel & Paint
Top Undercarriage
R/up Top Undercarriage
Top 6cyl Engine Bay
R/up Top 6cyl Engine Bay
Top 8cyl Engine Bay
R/up Top 8cyl Engine Bay
Top Display
Encouragement Award
Longest Distance Travelled
Hard Luck Award
Rocker Cover Racer 1st
Rocker Cover Racer 2nd
Top Overall Driver
Male Drop a Spud
R/up Male Drop a Spud
Female Drop a Spud
R/up Female Drop a Spud
Male Driving
R/up Male Driving
Female Driving
R/Up Female Driving
Male Go to Whoa
R/up Male Go to Whoa
Female Go to Whoa
R/up Female Go to Whoa
1st Observation Run
2nd Observation Run
Bowling Highest Score
Club Bowling Winner


John Desisto
John Desisto

Ben Saciloto
Ian Preston
Steve Mowat
Peter Smol
Jack Doyle
Trevor Sedgman
Jason Gledhill
Luke Johnson
Barry O’Shannassy
Jeff Thomas
Alex Garrard
Jeremy Cutajar
Steve Barsdell
George Staunton
Daniel Bereshnyj
Darren Thomas
Jonathan Dewar
Noel Collins
Jason O’Leary
Brent Dalton
Daniel Phillips
Malcom Turley
Jason Gledhill
Adam Lincoln
Luke Johnson
Malcom Turley
Ian Preston
Ben Saciloto
Harvey Miles
Jeremy Johnson
Neil Butler
Jim Jones
Jonathan Dewar
Joanne Dewar
Bryce Caine
Bryce Caine
Steve Mowat
Barbara O’Donnell
Melanie McMaster
Bryce Caine
Ray Drew
Mandy Thomas
Colleen Sedgman
John McBride
John Desisto
Jenine O’Leary
Joanne Dewar
Howard Carter
Gordon Cornish
Jeremy Cutajar


BHP Steel Limited
Betta Industries Pty Ltd

Holden Limited
Dwyers Holden Wollongong
EH Holden Car Club of Vic Inc.
NRMA Veteran & Classic Insurance
EH Holden Car Club of NSW Inc.
EJ-EH Holden Club ACT Inc.
Trevor Sedgman Auto Service
Custom Hot Rods
EH Holden Car Club WA Inc.
Steve Elphnick’s Mech Repairs
Bestway Bobcat
Culhaven Real Estate
Blairs Tyres Service
Colt Industries Pty Ltd
Buttress Engineering
The Brake Shop
Shellharbour Workers Club Ltd
Warilla Sports Club Ltd
Zanotto Automotive/ Reliance Brakes
EH Holden Car Club of NSW Inc.
Warilla Smash Repairs
EH Holden Car Club of Vic Inc.
Wollongong Auto Supplies
Southbridge Auto Electrics
Wally’s Paint & Panel
Rod’s Racks & Suspension
Albury Electroplaters
Wollongong Parts Plus Yallah
EH Holden Car Club of Tasmania
American Auto parts
Burnouts Smoke n Model Cars
Leisure Coast Welders
Revolution Race Gear
Wollongong Auto Service Centre
Vouge Signs
Wild 1 Motorsport products
Tech 1 Electronic Repair Centre
Past & Present Model Cars
Centenary Auto Parts
Enviro tarps Aust Pty Ltd
VH Auto Wreckers
PK Head Servicing & Reco’ing
Warilla Automatics
Oak Flats Electronics
Oak Flats Muffler Men
Shannons Insurance
Cartridge World Oak Flats
Wals Pharmacy Warilla
Bowling Centre
Bowling Centre WINNER

The Girls voting for the EHASR

The first award is the Clairol award for best colour
– The winner is Mick W (purple EH ute with yellow wheels)

The second award is the Disco award
for the car with the most interesting use of mirrors.
– The winner is Jason G (using about two dozen mirrors under his car)

Next we would like to present the White glove award
for the car with the cleanest tyres.
-The winner is Barry O
(and they were very very clean tyres indeed)

The next award we have named the Wet Wet Wet award and it is brought to
you by Ansell. This is for the car you wish you had.
– The winner is Jason O (beautiful red EH sedan)

Next is the Huggies award
for the car most likely to make you soil yourself when a passenger.
– The winner is Rod S (Mental V8 ute with immense horsepower)

Now we would like to present you with the Kleenex award
for the most bonkworthy back seat.
– The winner is John D (EH windowless panelvan with a back seat)

Our next award is the John Travolta award
for the best male dancer on the floor.
– This goes to George S (for his version of the Chicken Dance)

Now we would like to present the Spick ‘n’ Span award brought to you by
Mr Sheen. A most difficult decision in the present company.
– The winner is Alex G
(add up all the hours spent cleaning this car over the years)

Now we have our version of the encouragement award. This is brought to
you by Pantene because it wont happen overnight, but it will happen.
– The winner is John K
(The only club president that didn’t bring his EH)

And now ladies and gentlemen.
The moment you have all been waiting for.
We now have the pleasure of announcing the inaugural SWBCA Grand
Champion. We have named this ‘The Grand Lemon Award’
-Would you put your hands together for our winner.
Gordon C & his fuel pump.

See you all at Bendigo 2005