Automotive Prepcoats Data – Prime and Putty Primer

Surfacer Preparation-If respraying entire vehicle and existing paintwork is in poor condition remove all with automotive paint stripper, mechanical abrasive or sand blasting. Degrease all surface area with wax & grease remover making sure to continually replace cleaning cloth with fresh replacement. Discard old rags thoughtfully, they are flammable. If only panel repairing dry and sand edges or repair with 240 grade wet & dry paper. Feather any edges with P400 grade paper and clean again with wax & grease remover and dry off. Condition all bare black metal with Deoxidine metal conditioner as per directions. Application-Thoroughly stir contents with a flat stirrer. Thin one part of primer surfacer with one and a half parts of acrylic reducer. Spray two or more coats as required allowing 5 to 8 minutes drying time between coats. Allow 20 to 30 minutes, longer in cold weather, before sanding with 600 grade wet & dry paper Apply spray putty or spot putty as required, allow to dry and seal with a further one or two coats of primer surfacer and sand after allowing to dry. Clean down again with wax & grease remover before applying any top coats. Important-Keep hands clean at all times when painting and do not put hands on areas that have been finally prepared to be painted. If this happens use wax & grease remover over entire handled surface. Spray putty single pack acrylic sprayable putty heavily concentrated to enable the applicator to spray-fill any small imperfections or abrasions in the panel work. Sprayed over primer surfacer spray putty has superb adhesion and sanding characteristics. A true time saver when demanding a blemish free project. Can be used with acrylic. Directions Not for application over base metals. Must be applied over primer surfacer. Thoroughly stir contents and spray using a low pressure spray gun, building up to thicknesses with 3 medium coats. Allow 2 to 3 minutes flash off between coats Thinning not required, the product is supplied ready for use Allow 2 to 4 hours before sanding with medium grade wet & dry paper Apply a further 1 to 2 coats of primer surfacer and sand again with 600 grade wet & dry paper before top coating Important-All areas to be painted must be cleaned thoroughly with wax & grease remover and dried off with clean lint free cloth. High build primer-filler is a single pack acrylic coating designed to fill and prime in one application. For the filling and priming of small scratches and score marks all in one operation. High-build saves the user money and time as it can be properly prepared applied direct over bare metal. The sanding and adhesion qualities are unchallenged adding ease of use for the user. Very versatile. Can be used under acrylic, enamel and nitrocellulose paint, over bare metal, polyester body filler, fibreglass etc. Rust converter treats all rust and is non toxic, paintable, completely safe and non flammable. Surface preparation is to remove loose or flaky rust and contaminants such as chemicals, oils or salts by wire brush, wax & grease remover or high pressure water. Aggravation of existing rust by either method is a must for better penetration. Application- light or surface rust, dampen prepared surface with fine spray of clean water. Apply undiluted rust converter using either brush, roller or conventional airless spray. Leave for 12 to 24 hours depending on the severity of rust. Remove the black residual dust that may appear after the conversion has occurred. With the black converter surface dry and clean of dust, apply any type of paint system. Application – heavy rust, dampen prepared surface with spray of clean water. Apply 50% diluted rust converter with water. 30 to 60 minutes later apply rust converter neat (undiluted). Allow 12 to 24 hours for conversion dependent on severity of rust. Remove black residual dust with water or air, allow surface to dry and overcoat with any type of paint system. Coverage Ten to 15 sq metres per litre. NOTE: When using rust converter only pour into plastic container if brush or roller is used. Do not return unused contents to original container. Rust converter has an indefinite shelf life allowing unused product to be stored until use is required at a later date. ETCH PRIMER is a single pack primer that must be used on all non-ferrous metals (except gal or zincaneal). Superior adhesion qualities to all smooth metal. Top restorers use this product on all metals prior to primer surfacer, thus helping to prevent paint chips due to minor stone abrasion. Available aerosol or bulk. FLEX AGENT is an additive for automotive paints to help prevent lifting on flexing panels. BUMPER PRIME: This flexible primer is a must for all plastic components on motor vehicles such as flares, bumper bars, grills, etc. Unlike normal primers, Bumper Prime has extra flexibility and superb adhesion qualities to prepared plastics. BUMPER COAT: One pack acrylic finish coat that remains flexible for overcoating Bumper Prime on all plastic accessories e.g. Bumpers, flares, etc.