Wrecking or Rebuilding your EJ or EH?

When you are going to do up a car (EJ or EH of course) you need to decide if the car you already have is worth doing up, or if your effort is better spent on another vehicle.

If you have a really original, and rare model such as a 179 automatic windowless panel van, or a Premier with every nasco option, and a rare paint code, then you may decide that the vehicle is rarer and is worthwhile. Whereas if you have a 149 manual sedan that looks like a basket case already, then you may want to try a different shell or another vehicle totally.

You can sometimes find a 100% complete car that runs well, and has low miles, but was near the sea and has no floor or rails left. In this case you may want to keep all the good bits off the car, and just get a good shell from the country. The other option is to get a car with a good body, but mechanically stuffed. These are good cars if you want to build up a modified vehicle. Be careful when buying a restored car or a shell, and maybe get a friend who really knows a bit about cars mechanically and body wise to come with you.

In terms of collect ability, Premiers in excellent authentic condition are highly prized and sedans are still relatively common, but wagons are getting very scarce. Prices for a good car start at $7000 and some superb examples have fetched as high as $12,000.

Once you have made the decision to rebuild then the next question is how much time/ money to spend. All I can say here is to remember that only two things can limit your rebuild or cleanup, and that is money and resources. Money can buy resources.